Victoria’s strategic plan for clinical placements 2012–15: Well placed. Well prepared is a roadmap for supporting and growing Victoria’s capacity to deliver high-quality clinical placements to health students. It identifies four strategic priorities and key strategies:

  • Support innovation in clinical placements – there is a need to move from a predominantly hospital-based system of clinical placements to a more distributed system, with more education and training occurring in a broad range of settings.
  • Enhance capacity – this requires an agile system that is sufficiently flexible to respond to varying demands, as long as those demands are reasonable in the context of responsible planning to meet future health workforce requirements.
  • Assure and improve quality – firmly embed the Best Practice Clinical Learning Environment Framework (‘the BPCLE framework’), which aims to support the creation and maintenance of positive educational cultures within health services and is expected to improve clinical training experiences for all stakeholders by informing policies, practices and behaviours.
  • Strengthen governance – establishment of a strong policy framework defining parameters for managing the system. The Victorian Clinical Training Council (VCTC) will work with the department to establish policy frameworks addressing critical system parameters including funding and performance.

The key enablers for the strategy are:

  • Funding support – provided to support and promote sustainable education and training.
  • Data and information – reliable data and information are critical to the effective governance and management of the Victorian clinical placement system. This strategic plan incorporates a number of commitments to establish data and information systems and to use the data and information provided by those systems to shape the clinical placement system for the future.

Evaluation of the strategy

To assess the overall effectiveness of the implementation and progress against stated objectives in Victoria’s strategic plan for clinical placements 2012–15: Well placed. Well prepared, the VCTC endorsed the development of an evaluation framework.

Victoria's Strategic Plan for Clinical Placements 2012-15

The evaluation framework and methodology was developed through a series of stakeholder workshops in 2012 that examined each of the main initiatives under the strategy, as well as the plan as a whole.

The resulting evaluation framework provided 49 high-priority performance indicators to measure the success of the plan at both the mid-term (late 2013) and end-of-term (late 2015) time points.

Further information is available in: the final report and Appendix 2: Program logic maps.

Final report – Development of an evaluation framework – Victoria’s strategic plan for clinical placements 2012–15

Appendix 2: Program logic maps – Final report – Development of an evaluation framework – Victoria’s strategic plan for clinical placements 2012–15

Mid-term evaluation of Well Placed. Well Prepared

More than 500 responses to the stakeholder survey informed the mid-term evaluation. A range of clinical placement providers and education institutions also assisted with the evaluation by contributing organisational reports.

The indicator results report outlines the mid-term results and provides a synopsis of clinical training initiatives encompassed within the plan.

End-term evaluation of Well Placed. Well Prepared

The Department of Health & Human Services is currently undertaking the end-term evaluation of Well Placed. Well Prepared. This will measure overall achievement of the plan’s main objectives and also provide valuable information to guide the development of future health workforce-related strategies.

The end-term evaluation will take place between July 2015 and early 2016.

Stakeholders will be involved in two major evaluation activities:

  • Online survey - open to all stakeholders.
  • Completion of organisational reports - representatives from clinical placement providers and education providers will be asked to provide relevant performance information from their organisation.