Key messages

  • Applications for board appointments are made through the online e-Recruitment tool.
  • Selection of board members varies slightly between metropolitan and rural services.
  • Appointments to specific metropolitan boards are at the discretion of the Minister for Health and Department of Health & Human Services.
  • Applicants to rural boards can nominate a preference but appointment to the preferred one is not guaranteed.

All potential board members (and those seeking reinstatement) for metropolitan and rural Victoria health services apply online using the eRecruitment tool.

There are additional application forms to complete. They are the police check (Character and Penal Clearance Requirements) and, where appropriate, the Subsidiary officeholder diversity and privacy consent form.

The Minister for Health formally appoints board members

The Minister for Health formally appoints health services boards of six to nine members. However, board chairs and members should consider the best composition for their own board. For example, they can look at the skills mix of their board members and decide which gaps need to be filled. They can then advise the Minister on the desired composition of their board.

The Governor-in-Council (also on the minister’s recommendation through the Cabinet) can appoint one of the directors to be the board chair.

Metropolitan and rural board selection processes vary slightly

The selection process for board appointments varies slightly between metropolitan and rural boards:

  • For metropolitan board applicants, the Minister and the department consider the online applications before deciding which health service board an applicant will be appointed to. Metropolitan hospitals and health services are not able to recommend individual board members.
  • For rural health services, board applicants can nominate a preferred location for their region. However, there is no guarantee that the preference will be granted. Rural hospitals and health services may recommend individuals to the department’s regional office. The regional office will pass the recommendation to the minister to consider.

Officeholder diversity information and privacy consent form

The Victorian Government aims to ensure that the overall membership of public sector boards and committees is representative of the Victorian community (for example, a representative spread) in relation to gender, age, ethnic and cultural background (for example, people who identify themselves as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or whose recent family are from overseas), people who have a disability, and people from rural or regional areas.

Applicants from the above categories must complete the relevant diversity information and privacy consent form.

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