Key messages

  • Quarterly performance data on public hospital activity is available.
  • In line with the Victorian Government’s drive for greater transparency, the website is in the process of being expanded.
  • Further performance data is available from national organisations.
Health Services Performance

Victorian Health Services Performance

The Victorian Health Services Performance website provides statistical information on Victoria's public hospitals and health services.

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Quarterly data about public hospital activity and key performance indicators for Victorian public hospital services are provided on the Victorian Health Services Performance website.

The website provides information across the following domains:

  • emergency care
  • patients treated
  • elective surgery
  • quality, safety and patient experience
  • dental care
  • mental health.

The website will be expanded in 2016 to support the government’s commitment to greater transparency and accountability of government services.

Additional health system data

More information about the performance of the Victorian health system is available from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and the Australian Government Productivity Commission.