All Victorians deserve high quality health care.

The Victorian Government is working to ensure every Victorian has access to world-class healthcare – no matter where they live, their background or circumstance.

Investing in the health of all Victorians and investing in our hospitals will ensure people can be in the best possible health so they can lead a life they value.

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Current investment in Victorian hospitals

The Victorian government’s investment includes major infrastructure development, new hospitals, new community health services, new ambulance services and new health and wellbeing programs designed for Victoria’s growing population. There continues to be a significant investment in the State’s health workforce – so that the Victorian community has world class doctors, nurses, ambulance and allied health professionals delivering high quality patient care across the state.

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Cuts to health funding

As Victoria’s population grows, the demand on hospitals and health services has never been higher.

Canberra previously committed to funding Victorian hospitals adequately but has made retrospective cuts to funding needed for our health system. 

Canberra has cut $305 million dollars from critical hospital funding that means Victoria is getting less money to meet significant, growing demand on our health system.

These funding cuts were made after hospitals had already delivered services in good faith that Canberra would provide their full share of funding.

The Commonwealth proposal for future hospital funding will see Victoria miss out on $2.1 billion in health funding over 5 years.

Advocating for Victorians

Federal hospital funding to Victoria is determined by the National Health Reform Agreement between the Commonwealth and the state and territory governments.

Victoria is advocating for a return to the conditions of the enduring 2011 National Health Reform Agreement, including a 50 per cent Commonwealth contribution to growth, uncapped funding, and no retrospective adjustments to the national funding model. It is estimated that Victorian hospitals will miss out on $2.1 billion over the five-years of the Commonwealth’s proposed amendment to the National Health Reform Agreement.

This is the equivalent of funding for more than 16,000 Nurses, or 290,000 Elective surgeries, or 140,600 Knee replacements, or 1,945,000 Chemotherapy treatments, or 4,201,000 Dialysis treatments or 17,270 Heart transplants. 

Icon depicting a medicine bag with "1,945,698 Chemotheraphy" beneath Icon depicting a blood drop with "4,201,231 Dialysis" beneathIcon depicting a hospital bed with "294,309 Elective surgeries" beneath

 Icon depicting a heart with "17,277 Heart transplants" beneathIcon depicting a knee joint with "140,663 Knee replacements" beneathIcon depicting a nurse with "18,940 Nurses" beneath

Fairer Funding needed

The Victorian Government believes it is vital to advocate for the best interests of Victorians for now and the future.

To plan and deliver effective health services, hospitals need to be confident that they will receive the funding for the services they deliver.

Victoria is calling on Canberra to commit to fair and equitable funding for hospitals so that every Victorian has access to world-class healthcare.

The Victorian Government is calling for a commitment to giving Victoria a fair share of funding from the Commonwealth and will continue to make every effort to ensure Victorians are getting a fair deal for hospital funding.