Admitted Subacute funding approach

Victoria's Subacute funding model is based on the Australian National Subacute and Non Acute Patient (AN-SNAP) classification system Version 4.

The model uses 94 of the classification system's classes across four care types (rehabilitation, GEM, palliative care and maintenance care). Each AN-SNAP class is allocated a cost weight to determine the level of funding. 

The funding policy for admitted subacute is based on:

  • AN-SNAP v4 classification
  • +/- 4 day additive boundary policy
  • Episode-based funding approach for rehabilitation and GEM
  • Phase of care funding approach for palliative care
  • Bed day cost weights maintenance care.

Further details regarding Victoria's Admitted Subacute funding approach can be found in the Department's Policy and Funding Guidelines.

Further information

Manager, Admitted Subacute Funding Policy
Phone: 61 3 9096 0879