The Implementation Taskforce is undertaking a range of projects to support the successful application of the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2017.

This includes developing the necessary policies, guidelines, resources, processes and systems to ensure the sector and community is prepared for when the law comes into effect on 19 June 2019.

There are eight priority projects that the taskforce will oversee:

  1. Establishing the Voluntary Assisted Dying Review Board
    Recruit and appoint the board, ensure members are prepared and processes and infrastructure are in place for when the law comes into effect.
  2. End of Life Care Victoria gap analysis
    Review the role and functions of End of Life Care Victoria (the new agency proposed by the Inquiry into end of life choices), and conduct a gap analysis of the new model and existing entities. The taskforce will make recommendations about the role of the agency.
  3. Model of care and organisational protocols development
    Document approaches and develop resources for health services considering participating in voluntary assisted dying, to help them engage with staff and patients.
  4. Community/consumer information development
    Develop accurate and appropriate information about voluntary assisted dying to ensure people are able to make informed decisions about their end of life.
  5. Clinical guidelines development
    Develop comprehensive clinical guidelines to assist health practitioners to provide quality end of life care and understand the legal requirements of voluntary assisted dying.
  6. Approved assessment training
    Develop training for medical practitioners to be undertaken prior to assessing individuals for voluntary assisted dying.
  7. Medical protocol development
    Identify best practice substances to be used in voluntary assisted dying and develop protocols for administering and using medication.
  8. Voluntary assisted dying regulations
    Establish the regulations set out in the law.

Working groups have been established to coordinate and focus the targeted, expert input of taskforce members on key projects.