Key messages

  • The Blood Matters Program focuses on the promotion of the principles of Patient Blood Management, quality improvement and sector engagement.
  • Blood Matters has been instrumental in creating and supporting transfusion nurse, safety officers and trainer roles.
  • The Blood Matters Advisory Committee promotes a multidisciplinary, multimodal approach to patient blood management.

The Blood Matters Program is a Victorian State Government program run in collaboration with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service that aims to support and enhance best practice in patient blood management (PBM), and the stewardship of blood and blood products, for improved patient outcomes in Victorian health services. The program uses innovative and diverse approaches to:

  • Promote and support the development of strategies that optimise appropriate blood product use, and person-centred care through national and local governance frameworks and standards
  • Foster and strengthen partnerships and stakeholder relationships
  • Analyse data and disseminate findings across the sector to raise awareness, influence practice, promote efficiencies, and provide value
  • Provide and promote expert knowledge sharing and collaboration across the sector, including specific initiatives, tools and specialised advice.

Blood Matters - Blood management workshops

The Blood Matters Program can facilitate blood management and transfusion workshops for health services. The workshops follow the blood journey from donation to safe transfusion practice, and incorporates PBM principles. If you are interested in holding a workshop at your health service please contact the Blood Matters Program.

Transfusion nurse/trainer/safety officer roles

The Blood Matters Program has been instrumental in implementing and supporting transfusion nurse/trainer/safety officer roles across Victorian health services.

Currently, 19 transfusion nurse and 24 transfusion trainer positions exist in Victoria, and the ongoing development of the role is of key importance to the Blood Matters Program. Blood Matters has developed the Specialist Certificate in Blood Management Foundations and the Graduate Certificate in Transfusion Practice course in collaboration with the University of Melbourne to support the development of skills required for such positions.

Advisory Committee

The Blood Matters Advisory Committee (BMAC) consists of representatives from many different areas of the health sector and provides an opportunity for engagement and collaboration to promote a multidisciplinary, multimodal program approach to patient blood management.

For further information regarding membership of the BMAC please contact the Blood Matters Program.

Blood Matters contacts

Find contact details for Blood Matters staff, and for Victorian and interstate transfusion nurses, trainers, safety officers and quality officers on the contacts page.


The Blood Matters Program grew out of a project that began in April 2002, which involved the collaboration of three organisations. The project developed and tested tools and processes aimed at improving the quality and safety of transfusion practice in health services.

The project was expanded in 2003 to include an additional 12 public hospitals, which was named the Blood Matters Breakthrough Collaborative project. This expanded project used methodology developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in the United States to further test and develop various quality improvement strategies over an 18-month period.

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