Blood Matters has compiled SCIg clinical practice guidance principles template. Additional resources to assist Victorian health services to implement subcutaneous immunoglobulin programs have been included and will be added to as further information become available.

Start the SCIg conversation

Introduce SCIg to patients using the conversation starter.

SCIg getting started presentation

Blood Matters have produced a PowerPoint presentation entitled SCIg getting started to introduce SCIg to stakeholders. The presentation is intended to be used as an educational tool within health services and can be edited to include information specific to individual organisations.

A caveat on information supplied

All information and policies that are included as examples are only current at the time the document/s were made available to Blood Matters. Individual health services should be contacted to ascertain the currency of the policies and practices.

The tools are not endorsed by Blood Matters unless stated otherwise. Information sharing occurs on the understanding that due acknowledgement will be given to the original source. Seek permission from the original source before using or applying any policy, protocol or guidelines.

Where all or part of the Sunshine Coast documents are adapted, the following acknowledgement should be used: “Patient collateral developed by Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service.”