Key messages

  • It is important that patients and carers are actively involved in their own care.     
  • Consumer information is available to help health services to answer patient questions.

When a treatment plan is developed with patients and carers, information about the risks and benefits of blood and blood product transfusion as well as alternatives must be provided.

Written consumer information is available for patients about the blood transfusion process. These resources are available in multiple languages from various sources including Blood Matters and the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.


The Informed consent for blood transfusion template can be used in the format provided, or it can be adapted as required. Providers should seek independent legal and professional advice before using this document.

See the Office of Public Advocate for guidelines on Jehovah’s Witnesses and blood transfusions.

A caveat on information supplied

All information and policies that are included as examples are only current at the time the document(s) were made available to Blood Matters. Individual health services should be contacted to ascertain the currency of the policies and practices. The tools are not endorsed by Blood Matters unless stated otherwise. Information sharing occurs on the understanding that due acknowledgement will be given to the original source. Seek permission from the original source before using or applying any policy, protocol or guidelines.

Education and tools

Australian Red Cross Blood Service - website for patients

Consumer/patient information resources with input from patients

Royal Children's Hospital - Consent and patient information 

Blood Matters - Core elements of informed consent for transfusion

Informed Consent for Blood Transfusion Template

Consent audit form 2012

Clinical Excellence Commission - ‘Your Guide to The Patient Based Care Challenge’

Eastern Health - Jehovah’s Witness blood component and products information sheet 2018

Western Health - Refusal/consent to Blood, blood products and conservation

Royal Children's Hospital - Management of Blood Refusal

Examples of policies and procedures

Overarching PBM/transfusion-related guidelines, policies and procedures are found on clinical governance page.

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