Key messages

  • Information, templates and tools have been provided to assist health services to develop clinical governance and systems and quality improvement to support blood management.
  • Audit and reporting templates have been listed to assist health services to collect data to monitor and report outcomes.
  • Examples of governance, policies and procedures from health services provide peer guidance.

These resources may assist health services when developing governance and quality improvement systems to ensure safe and high quality care of patients’ own blood, and to ensure that blood product requirements are met. Resources provided include education and communication tools, audit and reporting tools as well as example policies and procedures shared by other health services.

A caveat on information supplied

All information and policies that are included as examples are only current at the time the document/s were made available to Blood Matters. Individual health services should be contacted to ascertain the currency of the policies and practices. The tools are not endorsed by Blood Matters unless stated otherwise. Information sharing occurs on the understanding that due acknowledgement will be given to the original source. Seek permission from the original source before using or applying any policy, protocol or guidelines.

Transfusion Nurse/Safety Officer/Trainer 

Job description for Transfusion Nurse/Safety Officer

Job description for Transfusion Trainer

Education and tools  

Australian Red Cross transfusion fact sheets

Transfusion Risks

BloodSafe eLearning Australia

Blood Matters education presentations

  • Blood donation and manufacturing
  • Blood components, use, transport and storage
  • National Standards
  • Patient blood management
  • Safe blood transfusion
  • Transfusion reactions

Blood Matters safe sample taking education templates

ABCD blood sampling poster

ABCD blood sampling lanyard template

Information summary pretransfusion sampling

presentation ABCD blood sampling PowerPoint 

Templates and handbook

EN transfusion competency template

EN transfusion competency guide

Template emergency blood management plan

Blood Management and Transfusion Practice Handbook 2021 PDF

Blood Management and Transfusion Practice Handbook 2021


Blood Matters audit results published with recommendations and discussion can be found here.

Blood Matters Hospital Blood Management Committee reports

Blood Matters Massive Transfusion Scenarios

Examples of policies and procedures

Practical guidance charts, checklists, forms are found on the prescribing and clinical use page.

St Vincent’s Hospital - Consent for administration of blood and blood products - 2017

Royal Children’s Hospital - Management of blood refusal procedure

Eastern Health - Neonatal/paediatric information sheet - 2014

Austin Health Interhospital transfer and blood transfusion 2011

Barwon Health Blood product dispatch - 2017

Quality Reporting

Blood management, quality performance indicators, quality and safety improvement, and quality surveillance.

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