Key messages

  • A quality account report is an opportunity to showcase your  achievements with your colleagues, the public and other health services. 

A quality account report "is an opportunity to help your community understand the quality and safety of the healthcare your service provides."

The report should contain information about quality and safety; focus on actions and outcomes for blood management in a way that is easy to understand for consumers. The report should avoid using jargon and complex language.  

Case studies and stories can help to demonstrate improvements.  Any staff or consumer stories used need to have written permission.  

Performance data is always useful.  It should contain results, targets, and actions and outcomes that demonstrate a practice improvement.

Although blood management is not a mandatory reporting requirement health services must report on their accreditation status in relation to all relevant accreditation standards.

An opportunity to share knowledge 

Blood management involves a complex array of processes, equipment and staff. The quality account report is an opportunity to share the experiences and achievements of your health service regarding quality surveillance and improvement in this area. 

Blood Matters can provide guidance in preparing this document if required. 


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