The Health Technology Program provides policy and investment advice on new and emerging health technologies, and oversees health technology programs for the Victorian public healthcare system.

Components and roles

The Health Technology Program has four components, each with a specific role and function:

  • Victorian Health Technology Program - a statewide platform that reviews new and emerging health technologies and makes recommendations to inform policy and investment decisions
  • Victorian Health Technology Program Advisory Committee - an independent expert advisory committee that provides advice and recommendations to the department about health technologies
  • Health Policy Advisory Committee on Technology - a national horizon-scanning or early-warning system for new and emerging health technologies
  • Nationally Funded Centres - a national program that supports access to certain high-cost, low-volume procedures.


For the purpose of this program, a ‘health technology’ is defined as:

  • prosthesis
  • implantable device
  • diagnostic test
  • medical procedure
  • surgical procedure.

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