The Digital Design department provides information and communication technology (ICT) advice, guidance, best practice principles, methodologies and standards across the Victorian Public Health Sector (VPHS).

Health Technology - Digital Design improves health outcomes for all Victorians through enhanced interoperability of health applications and the sharing of quality clinical information across Victoria.

The types of eHealth initiatives supported by Digital Design include:

  • providing principles for the introduction/expansion of Electronic Medical Record systems
  • guides and standards, and integration toolset solutions, including guides for use of Health Language 7 (HL7)
  • guidance and advice on solutions and interoperability on a range of core health ICT applications including clinical, patient administration, finance, pathology, radiology and orders applications
  • support and guidance for Victorian Department of Health ICT initiatives, including alignment with National direction, for example, NEHTA initiatives.

Digital Design is tasked with guiding health ICT initiatives towards an interoperable future ehealth environment through the use of well established standards, best practice guides, methodologies and principles.


Digital Design provides various services including the following.

Knowledge and education

Digital Design facilitates the building and sharing of health ICT sector knowledge, including conducting forums, working groups and ongoing consultation with the sector, review of local, national and international standards, innovation and provision of high level advice on appropriate documentation.

Advice and guidance

Digital Design provides communication and information on application solutions, interoperability and messaging approach to the sector. Guides and principles are validated and established in collaboration with international and sector forums.

Guides and other material

Digital Design provides a range of guides and materials to interested parties across the VPHS including specifications to assist with national and local ICT health implementations, design guides, solution architecture documents and vendor requirements and guides where appropriate.

Digital Design manages the VPHS selected integration engine toolset and facilitates the distribution of common solution components for this architecture across the sector.

Application architecture/integration

Digital Design material and services can help VPHS health organisations to collaboratively shape the organisation solution architecture, solution design, understand the overall business benefits and assist in realising the strategic direction of the organisation.