2018-19 Medical Equipment Replacement Program and Engineering Infrastructure Replacement Program

The Medical Equipment Replacement Program provides funding for replacement of prioritised highest critical risk capital medical equipment.

The Engineering Infrastructure Replacement Program provides funding for replacement of prioritised highest critical risk capital plant items and essential engineering infrastructure across Victoria.

In-scope replacement medical equipment items and engineering infrastructure are available to reduce risk to patients, staff and to service availability for metropolitan and rural health services and includes statewide Public Health Reference Laboratory equipment.

Asset management accountability framework

The Victorian Government’s requirements for asset management are outlined in the Asset management accountability framework that was introduced in February 2016 to assist agencies to optimise their asset holdings and support delivery of services for Victoria.

Medical equipment asset management framework

The Medical equipment asset management framework presents the foundation business practice to plan and manage medical equipment to achieve efficient, effective and safe service operation of medical equipment.

Based on the asset lifecycle (record and maintain asset information -> plan -> acquire -> operate -> dispose), the framework will assist health services manage their assets. The framework:

  • supports risk management and financial planning using a consistent and structured approach
  • informs preparation of asset management plans (medical equipment and other assets)
  • positions health services to best plan, acquire, operate and dispose of medical equipment

The practices applied in the framework can be generally applied to all asset classes.

The framework comprises two parts:

  • Part A has key features for management.
  • Part B has details for users, practitioners and decision-makers.

The framework is supported by a companion Part C document that contains web-based tools, information sheets, templates, checklists, and packages to assist the framework implementation.


For information on procurement please refer to the Health Purchasing Victoria website.

The public

If you are a member of the public and need information on aids and equipment please see the department's Individual support packages webpage.