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Enabling timely access to high-quality healthcare

Better Care Victoria's mission is to enable and support timely and appropriate access to the highest quality of care for Victorians, through the identification, scaling and embedding of innovative practice across Victoria's health system.

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About Better Care Victoria

Better Care Victoria (BCV) has been established in recognition that innovation has an important role to play in supporting the state's healthcare reform agenda and meeting the escalating pressures on our health system.

BCV has three main functions which work together to achieve our mission, they are:

  1. an independent BCV Board tasked with providing advice to the Minister for Health on health sector innovation and the most effective ways to invest the BCV Innovation Fund to drive improvement
  2. a dedicated BCV Secretariat located within the department to deliver the day to day functional requirements of BCV
  3. the BCV Innovation Fund to provide financial support to sector-led improvement and innovation projects that demonstrate the ability to drive meaningful performance improvements in agreed BCV metrics.

BCV takes a partnership approach with health service providers, supporting the development and implementation of innovative approaches to improve capacity and capability in health services, as well as facilitating collaboration across the system to support innovation.

Further information about BCV, the Innovation Fund, funded projects and capability building programs can be found at the BCV website.