The ECCN facilitates and supports front-line clinicians in an annual cycle of evidence into practice improvement projects. It also undertakes projects in best practice in caring for vulnerable groups, patient safety and patient-centred care. The network conducts a range of training programs for emergency clinicians to enhance their capability to lead and improve care.

The ECCN conducts an annual forum, runs training workshops and provides information updates to promote participation by emergency departments in improvement activities. This also provides an opportunity for emergency clinicians to share, network, explore and learn from each other.

Network publications, project results, forum and workshop presentations, and the newsletter are available for download.


The ECCN is guided by a sector-wide multidisciplinary steering committee comprising emergency clinicians, academics and key stakeholders. The committee monitors and supports the network in identifying, developing and implementing sustainable improvements in emergency care. Committee members consult with their peers, other health professionals and relevant organisations to bring ideas and local innovation to the network’s attention.

The ECCN is supported by a manager, a senior clinical adviser and a project officer.