ViCTOR newborn final project report

The Victorian Children’s Tool for Observation and Response (ViCTOR) Newborn Project was a quality improvement project funded by the Victorian Paediatric Clinical Network and Victorian Maternal and Newborn Clinical Network. It built on a previous project involving the development of standardised observation and response charts for paediatric patients aged 0–18 years treated in ward and urgent care settings; these are now implemented in the majority of Victorian health services. 

The ViCTOR Newborn Project sought to develop observation charts that complemented the existing suite of ViCTOR charts and provided a consistent, standardised and evidence-based approach to recognising and responding to deterioration in the Victorian newborn setting.  A newborn was defined as ‘32 weeks to term (corrected)’ and ‘term (corrected) to 28 days’. 


In December 2013, 10-year-old Melbourne boy Ronak Warty died after consuming a coconut drink that contained milk. Ronak was allergic to milk; however, the product’s labelling failed to declare its presence. The June 2016 release of the coronial inquiry into Ronak’s death focused attention on how anaphylaxis was managed in Victoria.

In response to this and other cases, Victoria’s Chief Medical Officer of Quality and Safety reviewed sentinel events and several allergy and anaphylaxis clinical incidents in Victorian hospitals.

This identified the need for a consistent, system-wide view on how acute anaphylaxis is managed in Victorian hospitals.

After receiving advice from the Victorian Paediatric Clinical Network (VPCN), Safer Care Victoria released the June 2017 discussion paper, Mandatory reporting of anaphylaxis.

Please note that the consultation is now closed.

Button batteries

On 3rd November 2015, thirteen recommendations were handed down by the Queensland coroner following the inquest into the death of a four year old girl, as a result of the ingestion of a button battery. 

The Victorian Paediatric Clinical Network (VPCN) established the VPCN Button Battery Advisory Group to advise Safer Care Victoria on the resources and guidelines required to address the Queensland Coroner’s findings as they related to all states and territories.