Key messages

  • The Department of Health and Human Services (the department) is undertaking a comprehensive review of the Victorian Health Incident Management System (VHIMS).
  • VHIMS was implemented in 2010 as a dataset standard to capture adverse events and consumer feedback within Victorian public health services.
  • The VHIMS2 improvement project will revise the incident and feedback modules, and create a new occupational health and safety incident module.
  • This project is being undertaken as part of a broader Patient Safety Framework program focused on a safer health system where avoidable harm to patients is minimised.

What does the project involve?

  • As part of the project, the current VHIMS dataset and incident classification model will be consolidated.
  • The incident and consumer feedback modules will be revised and a new built-for-purpose module will capture occupational health and safety (OHS) incidents.
  • The project will also look into the current evidence base on health incident reporting and patient safety learning systems.

Who has been consulted so far?

  • Forty-two Victorian public health services participated in sector consultations between October and November 2015, and provided feedback on the revised VHIMS incident and feedback modules, and the new OHS module.
  • Other organisations also participated in the consultations including: the Victorian Managed Insurance Agency (VMIA), WorkSafe, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation, Mental Health Complaints Commissioner and the Health Complaints Commissioner.
  • The consultations provided expert sector input on data set revisions, the user interface and functionality improvements.

What is happening next?

  • In  March and April 2016 ten pilot sites, representing a range of services, will test the new system (the prototype).
  • During May and June all Victorian VHIMS users will have the opportunity to test the prototype.
  • All prototype users will be asked to provide feedback about their experience with the new system.
  • Prototype testing involves a ‘dummy’ site used only for testing and feedback purposes. Each health service will be provided with a range of scenarios to enter into the prototype. 
  • Statewide comparisons of how the scenarios have been entered and classified will be made to ensure that the new classification system can be consistently applied.
  • In July 2016 VHIMS2 will be rolled out live to pilot sites via a staggered process.

Frequently asked questions

Read the VHIMS2 Frequently asked questions.

More information

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