Key messages

  • Digital Health facilitates and leads the development of the digital health strategy - Digitising Health.
  • Digital Health provides whole of health sector-wide leadership in digital health enablement.
  • Digital Health functions have a strong emphasis on transformational change, with implementation of new health systems and workflow processes.

Who are we?

The Digital Health Branch is led by the Chief Digital Health Officer and reports to the Deputy Secretary of the Health and Wellbeing Division. 

The Health and Wellbeing Division has a focus on providing engagement, standards, policy advice, planning and assurance functions across areas of digital health in the health sector. The division collaborates closely with a wide range of stakeholders across the department, sector agencies and other jurisdictions, and is responsible for the system management required to operationalise health sector reform.

Our strategy

Digital Health facilitates and leads the development of the digital health strategy - Digitising Health - to enable the health reform agenda and support Victorian public health services in their delivery of digital health solutions. The strategy is overarching, providing design advice, sector assurance and technology solutions to the health sector. The strategy is updated annually and is supported by an annual business plan and operational plans. 

What do we do?

Digital Health provides whole of health sector leadership in digital health enablement, as well as commissioning of digital health functions and information and communications technology (ICT) for Victorian public health services. Digital Health has an outward facing role with a primary focus on digital health leadership for the health sector. It has close working relationships with the Health and Wellbeing Division, Safer Care Victoria, and the Victorian Agency for Health Information. 

Digital Health functions have a strong emphasis on transformational change, with implementation of new health systems and workflow processes.

Our four areas of focus are:

  • Digital Health strategy, policy and architecture standards for the Victorian health sector.
  • Commissioning of digital health functions within Victorian public health services.
  • Sponsoring digital health programs to implement sector-wide health information sharing platforms.
  • Health service data collections and management of selected health systems on behalf of specific health services.

Our teams

Standard and Advisory

The Health Sector Standards and Advisory unit provides high quality business intelligence, authoritative advice and sound policy recommendation based on comprehensive research to internal and external stakeholders at a local and national level. 

The Advisory and Standards unit provides:

  • Strategy and direction for digital architecture and standards.
  • Provides advice, analysis and strategic direction for digital health initiatives.
  • Reviews conformance and adherence to standards and digital health directions.
  • Adopts best practice for digital design directions that align with national, Department of Health and Human Services and international digital trends and strategy.

Sector Assurance

The Sector Assurance Unit has a key governance role in the Victorian public health sector. The unit conducts risk-based assurance, focusing on helping health services succeed, in achieving project planned benefits and minimise ICT operational risks. The Unit has four key functions:

  • Project assurance - Full life-cycle assurance of publicly funded health sector ICT projects including but not limited to the implementation of complex electronic health records and patient administration systems.
  • Design and standard assurance - Oversight of the design of ICT in new hospital builds, ensuring alignment to State and Federal strategies.
  • ICT operations assurance - Review of health services' internal ICT operations, ensuring health services operate ICT safely, securely and cost-effectively.
  • Cybersecurity assurance - Implement a sector-wide cybersecurity uplift program and conduct ongoing cybersecurity assurance of the sector.

Health Sector Planning

The Health Sector Planning team are trusted Digital Health Advisors who understand the Victorian public health sector information and communications technology (ICT) environment. 

The team:

  • Organise and prioritise sector initiatives, providing assistance to health services with priority business case submissions and seeking avenues to source funding for new priority initiatives.  
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing across the public health sector.
  • Acts as a central point of contact for health service executives to define ICT requirements, advise on key ICT strategic priorities, and understand key ICT issues and risks.
  • Acts as the State's Health System Manager which:
    • ensure local health service ICT strategies align with the digitising health strategy and business plan.
    • supports health services to seek funding for digital health initiatives that enable patient centred care.
    • Seeks to elevate Victoria's ICT maturity profile and investment across the public health sector.