Consumers and the broader public expect health facilities to be kept clean and well maintained. Staff members at health facilities have the right to a workplace in which they are able to deliver healthcare services safely and effectively.

The cleaning standards for Victorian health facilities aim to improve the quality of healthcare provision by ensuring that all risks involving cleaning are identified and managed in an appropriate manner.

Victorian health services are required to undertake cleaning audits throughout the year and provide results to the department.

Addendum: Change to the Cleaning Standards Auditor requirements from 1 July 2016

The Department has amended the criteria of who can conduct audits for the purpose of the Victorian Cleaning Standards Program.

All non-external and external Victorian Cleaning Standards Audits conducted after 1 July 2016 can be completed by a ‘qualified and/or suitably experienced auditor’.

‘Qualified’ will still mean having successfully passed the accredited 21909VIC Course in Cleaning Standards Auditing. However, with this new broader definition health services may also choose to appoint a ‘suitably experienced auditor’.

The appointment of a ‘suitably experienced auditor’ must be formally approved through the health service’s clinical governance structure. 

When approving a ‘suitably experienced auditor’, health services should have regard to the number of years of direct auditing experience, number of previous audits undertaken at health services, whether a similar course in another Australian jurisdiction has been undertaken, courses and training completed and references.

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