June 2018 update

Provider awareness toolkit

The Department of Health and Human Services (the department) in consultation with Victorian health services has developed the Provider awareness toolkit (the Toolkit) to support activities for the My Health Record Expansion Program.

The Toolkit will be made available prior to the opt out period and includes posters, fact sheets, frequently asked questions, guides and links to additional resources on both the department's and the National My Health Record website, which can be ordered and printed on demand.

Consumer awareness toolkit

The Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) will be sending each Victorian health service a Consumer Awareness Toolkit (CAT). These are hard copy materials providing information and resources to assist in answering patients' enquiries about My Health Record and opt out options.

Distribution of these materials will commence 18 June 2018.

For further details,get a copy of the overview from the Downloads section on this page.

Social media pack

A number of health services have expressed interest in posting alerts and tiles on their social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. In response to these requests we have put together a "My Health Record Pre-Opt Out Social Media pack". This includes cut and paste content with associated images to assist your communication team to develop and localise this material. This content should only be used prior to 16 July 2018, new messaging will be available post 16 July 2018.

Get a zip file containing the collected tiles from the Downloads section.

Website content

Attached is suggested website content which provides general information about My Health Record and the change in the consumer participation model from opt in to opt out. This can be adapted to suit your internal or external website content requirements.

Please refer to the 'program intranet content' file in the Downloads section.

Newsletter content

If your health service would like to include a news article into existing newsletters, bulletins or blasts on My Health Record and the expansion program please find attached a 200 word article that can be copied and tailored to meet your specific need.

Please refer to the 'article for external newsletter' file in the Downloads section.

Consumer videos

Consumer videos are available highlighting good news stories related to My Health Record. The Australian Digital Health Agency has create a series of consumer-focused videos of real Australians that have been positively impacted by My Health Record.

All videos can be located on the Agency's YouTube channel.

What's next?

The Provider Awareness Toolkit will be uploaded to the department's My Health Record Expansion Program website in coming days. Communication will be sent to your health service as soon as it is available. We appreciate your patience.

We appreciate your continued support. If you have any queries please contact us on the details below.