Key messages

  • Patient experience measurement and reporting contribute to improving the safety and quality of care in health services.
  • The Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey (VHES) collects, analyses and reports the experience of people attending Victoria’s public healthcare services.

The Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey (VHES) collects data from a range of healthcare users of Victorian public health services.

The survey is conducted on behalf of the Department of Health & Human Services by Ipsos, an independent contractor.

Specialised questionnaires

Each month, eligible participants are randomly selected to receive a questionnaire. Survey participation is by invitation only. The survey features specialised questionnaires for:

  • adult and child inpatients, including parents/guardians
  • maternity clients
  • adult and child emergency department attendees, including parents/guardians.

These questionnaires are distributed in the month following a hospital admission or an emergency department attendance.

Selected participants may respond either online or by pen and paper with a freepost return.

The participant’s contact information is confidential and kept for a period of six months. This ensures another questionnaire is not sent to the same participant during that time.

The questionnaires are available in English and a range of community languages: Arabic, Cantonese, Croatian, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Macedonian, Maltese, Mandarin, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese.

The survey is anonymous. Health services and the department do not know which patients are selected or respond.

The online survey is accessed here.

Results each quarter

The results are provided to health services and the department each quarter. Health services use the results identify areas that require improvement. The department reviews all results to ensure quality care is being provided.

Poster promoting the survey

An A3 poster promoting the Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey is available for display by health service providers. The poster is designed to explain the purpose of the survey and to encourage participation. Order the poster online.

Where to direct complaints

The Victorian Healthcare Experience Survey is not the way to make a formal complaint. Complaints should be directed to the health service or the Health Complaints Commissioner.

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