The Victorian Agency for Health Information analyses and shares information across Victoria's public healthcare system to provide an accurate picture of hospital and health service performance.

The agency will ensure that data and information on the performance of Victoria's public healthcare system are readily available to: health service boards, chief executives and lead clinicians; the Department of Health and Human Services; Safer Care Victoria; other government agencies; the public and researchers.

The agency measures and monitors indicators of quality care and outcomes for patients, for the purpose of public reporting, oversight and clinical improvement. The agency will:

  • collect, analyse and share data so that the community and health services are better informed about health service performance
  • provide health service boards, executives and clinicians with the information they need to best serve their communities
  • provide patients and carers with meaningful and useful information about care in their local area
  • improve researchers’ access to data, so that they can create evidence to inform the provision of better, safer care.

Dr Diane Watson, Acting Chief Executive Officer

Dr Diane Watson is the Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Agency for Health Information.

Dr Watson has 20 years of senior management experience in leading organisational change in the healthcare sector in Canada and Australia. She was the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Performance Authority, which was established by all Australian governments to monitor, and report on, the performance of more than 1000 public and private hospitals and 300 health regions.

Dr Watson was also the inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the New South Wales Bureau of Health Information.