The Victorian Agency for Health Information’s greatest assets are its staff and culture. We want to attract a diverse workforce to help us build a positive, productive and high-performing organisation dedicated to serving Victorians.

This is an exciting time to join the Agency. We are building an inclusive workplace that embraces diversity of backgrounds and differences to realise the potential of our employees. All jobs can be worked flexibly and we encourage job applications from Aboriginal people, people with disabilities, LGBTI and people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

  • Transcript

    Dr Lance Emerson: Hi, I’m Lance Emerson, I’m the CEO of the Victorian Agency for Health Information or VAHI.

    We’re a newly established agency by the Victorian Government that’s been set up to report independently on the safety, quality and performance of the Victorian healthcare system.

    We’re newly established and we need good staff. We’re growing. We’d like to have staff working with us who share our passion and our value for helping clinicians, practitioners, health services and the public be better informed, better utilise information and ultimately improve the health of all Victorians.

    Why would you want to work with us? Well, first and foremost, we’re here about improving health and the work you do at VAHI will have a direct impact on the health of all Victorians. Importantly, we’re positioning ourselves to be the best health information agency in Australia, if not the world.

    We’ve got a great team, including a great team of senior leaders. We’re all committed to building a culture of inclusivity, one that highly values innovation, teamwork, collaboration and continual learning. We’ve got great conditions and salary on offer as well so please visit the website and we’d love to hear from you.

    Thank you.


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