Safewards in emergency department trialThe implementation of the Safewards model across all Victorian mental health inpatient units, and as trialled on a medical ward at Peninsula Health, has been successful in the improvement of patient and staff safety and the statistically significant reduction of restrictive practice.

We are trialling the Safewards model in the emergency departments at two services, Peninsula Health (Frankston and Rosebud Hospitals) and Bendigo Health.

Train the Trainer training has been completed for the emergency departments undergoing the trial. Services begun their in-service training for Safewards in May 2019 which has been completed. 

The model and interventions are currently being implemented at the trial sites.

The Safewards trial in emergency departments is expected to end in December 2020 with the presentation of an evaluation report by Melbourne University.

The objectives of the trial are to:

  • Trial the Safewards model in Victorian emergency departments using a collaborative approach.
  • Evaluate the trial to:
    • Determine applicability of the Safewards model within Victorian emergency departments.
    • To determine the model's benefits in supporting quality of care and safety for consumers and staff. 
    • Develop recommendations to the Department of Health and Human Services regarding adaptation of the Safewards model to fit the Victorian emergency department service context.
    • Determine the model's effectiveness in reducing restrictive interventions and enhancing consumer and carer experiences of care and staff safety.
  • Develop resources, including a training package, and recommendations to support a broader implementation of Safewards in emergency departments across the State of Victoria.