Key messages

  • Victoria has a strong, integrated system of mental health promotion aiming to promote mental health and provide individuals with the skills and capacities to optimise their wellbeing.

Victoria has a strong, integrated program of mental health promotion, which provides resources and drives priority activities across the multiple departments of government concerned with social development and community wellbeing.

These activities aim to foster social environments that promote mental health and provide individuals with the skills and capacity to optimise their wellbeing – be it through improvements in their workplaces, better access to education and healthcare, or greater participation in community activities.

Victorian public health and wellbeing plan 2015-2019

Improving mental health is one of the priorities included in the Victorian public health and wellbeing plan 2015-2019. The plan identifies the following strategic directions for improving mental health in Victoria:

  • enhance and develop strategies to promote mental health and wellbeing and reduce current high levels of psychological distress
  • increase the intensity of targeted action for those who experience greater social and economic disadvantage
  • specifically consider and support the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal Victorians
  • invest in early identification and intervention with vulnerable children and families
  • focus on promoting wellbeing and preventing suicide in at-risk populations including Aboriginal Victorians, young Victorians and those living in low socioeconomic areas.

National policy context

Victoria provides specialist mental health services and associated psychosocial support within a national mental health policy framework. Major national plans and initiatives since the release of the first National Mental Health Policy in 1992 include: