In November 2015 the government launched Victoria’s 10-year mental health plan to guide investment and drive better mental health outcomes for Victorians.

More than 1,000 Victorians were involved in development of the plan, including people with a mental illness, their families and carers, service providers, clinicians, workers, experts and community members. 

Recognising that nearly half of all Victorians (45 per cent) will experience mental illness in their lifetime, the plan focuses on greater efforts in prevention, and providing better integrated services and support for the most vulnerable people in the community. 

The plan also outlines the government’s approach to work directly with people with a mental illness, their families and carers to co-produce and improve services.

Download Victoria’s 10-year mental health plan.

Mental health annual report

In Victoria’s 10-year mental health plan the government committed to report annually to parliament and community on mental health services. Victoria’s mental health services annual report 2017-18 was tabled in parliament on 19 December 2018.


Since releasing the 10-year mental health plan, the government has delivered more investment in suicide prevention and forensic mental health services, and expanded our mental health workforce.

Major strategies developed under the plan include the Victorian suicide prevention framework 2016-2025, the Mental health workforce strategy, and Balit Murrup: Aboriginal social and emotional wellbeing framework 2017-2027.

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Download the Mental health workforce strategy.