The Mental Health Workforce Innovation Program seeks to explore, identify and share mental health workforce innovations that improve quality of outcomes, efficiency and worker satisfaction. A Call for Submissions went out to the sector in June 2017 to identify exemplary innovative workforce models in clinical mental health.
Six projects were selected to be written up as case studies and 11 infographic posters were developed. These resources are available for download via the links on this page. 

The Mental Health Workforce Reference Group Ambassadors for this initiative are: 

  • Cath Roper, Consumer Academic, Centre for Psychiatric Nursing
  • Rosemary Kelly, Secretary, Victorian Psychologist Association Inc.

Workforce Innovation Report

A report has been developed that outlines the current situation in relation to workforce innovation, and provides examples of what is happening locally, nationally and internationally.  

Mental Health Workforce Innovation Day 

A Mental Health Workforce Innovation Day was held on 20 September 2017. The day provided a forum for the clinical mental health workforce to come together to share ideas about workforce innovation; share their experiences with innovative workforce models; discuss factors that support and inhibit innovative practice; and hear about the experiences of organisations who are leading the way in implementing innovative workforce models.

The Innovation Day was attended by 84 participants including clinical mental health workers, lived experience workers, state-wide training providers, clinical academics, and members of the Expert Taskforce on Mental Health and its associated Reference Groups.  

Innovation Grants

Grants for consumer-led and carer-led workforce innovation projects have been supported by the department. A summary of grant recipients can be found at 

Information gathered from the Workforce Innovation Report and the Innovation Day will inform development of a broader mental health workforce innovation grant program for 2018.