The Policy and Planning Branch held a one-day Integrated Care Forum on Wednesday 20 June 2018 at the Victoria University City Convention Centre. The event brought together over 140 people from across Victoria, with delegates from other states also attending. The forum featured a diverse line up of speakers, including international keynote speaker Robin Miller from the United Kingdom.

Key themes that emerged on the day were:

  • Partnerships: including the importance of health providers continuing to develop relationships with each other and investing time for integration to emerge and progress
  • Enablers and challenges: including culture, engagement, communication, leadership, relationships, connected IT Platforms and shared medical records
  • Future opportunities: moving to accountable care models and sharing experiences of integrated care implementations more broadly

The program featured a panel discussion on Victoria’s HealthLinks trial with participating health services. The panel showcased their unique local initiatives and discussed how a capitated funding model has allowed them to more flexibly deliver a mix of services to patients with chronic and complex care needs.

Audience engagement was captured throughout the day via interactive polling. A series of questions about integrated care were posed, with results displayed live on screen to stimulate conversation. The day provided a useful snapshot of key integrated care initiatives and programs and reinforced the value in continuing to invest in integrated care to improve the health care system and achieve more person-centred outcomes.