All information is current as at 1 November 2016.

Service type Management of bulk billed services
Provision of unreferred services
Medical Services
MBS Item 10990; MBS Item 10991(Eligible areas); MBS Item 10992 (After hours)
Diagnostic Imaging
MBS Item 64990; MBS Item 64991 (Eligible area)
Pathology Services
MBS Item 74990; MBS Item 74991 (Eligible area)
Ensure patient / client eligibility Eligibility Criteria
For all clients under the age of 16 or for Commonwealth concession card holders who are not admitted patients of a day hospital or day care facility, and provided from a practice location in either any or an eligible area. Refer to the Medicare Benefits Scheme website for a comprehensive list of eligible areas.
Service requirements
The service must be bulk billed and then the bulk billing incentive item can be claimed in conjunction with it. The bulk billing incentive must also be bulk billed.
Frequency of claims
As long as the business rules for the unreferred medical service are met, and the business rules for the bulk billing bonus items are also met, there are no limits as to the number of bulk billing item numbers that can be claimed for that batch.
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