Key messages

  • The service providers that form a Primary Care Partnership manage and control the partnership.
  • All members sign a legally binding agreement.
  • The department funds a PCP Insurance Program through the VMIA.

Governance relates to how an entity is managed and controlled. Primary Care Partnerships (PCPs) are governed by representatives from the service providers that form the partnership. All PCPs need a governance body and a legally binding partnering agreement.

PCP governance bodies

The governance body is the PCP’s formal decision-making body. It can be an executive committee, a steering committee, or a management team, for example. It can be an unincorporated alliance or a more formal arrangement (such as an incorporated association).

The governing body comprises representatives from the core service providers and representatives from at least two specialist service providers. It may also include representatives from other sectors and from funding agencies. The Primary Care Partnership information sheet provides more information on governance body composition.

Partnering agreement

The PCP partnering agreement is a legally binding agreement between the PCP members. It covers matters such as objectives, deliverables, term (and renewal or extension), membership, financial membership, reporting, insurance and liability, dispute resolution, termination, etc. The Primary Care Partnership information sheet sets out the elements the agreements should include.

Partnership agreements should address all elements, but each PCP may tailor its agreement to reflect its needs.

PCP insurance program

The Department of Health & Human Service funds 100 per cent of the premium for the PCP Insurance Program, which is provided by the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA) as part of its Public Healthcare Insurance Program.

The program provides insurance cover to all PCP members in accordance with department-funded activities identified under the department’s Service Agreement with the PCP. The PCP Insurance Program provides cover for all activities authorised by the PCP irrespective of funding source for that activity.