Cemetery trust governance advice is specific depending on whether you are involved with a Class A or Class B cemetery trust.

The Class A cemetery trusts in Victoria are:

  • Ballarat General Cemeteries Trust
  • Bendigo Cemeteries Trust
  • Geelong Cemeteries Trust
  • Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust
  • Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust.

All other cemetery trusts in Victoria are Class B cemetery trusts.

The Victorian Public Sector Commission has published Conflicts of interest and duty: a practical guide for directors of public entities to assist public entities, such as cemetery trusts, identify conflicts of interest.

The guide explains the nature of conflicts of interest and conflicts of duty with short case studies provided to illustrate the key points. It suggests a set of processes and procedures that, if adopted, may assist the entity to comply with the requirements of the Public Administration Act 2004 and avoid, or manage conflicts of interest and duty.

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