Key messages

  • Your health provides a comprehensive picture of the health and wellbeing of Victorians and the health issues facing Victoria.
  • Victorians generally enjoy good health compared with other Australians.
  • Indicators for determinants of health cover environmental, community and socioeconomic factors, health behaviours and biomedical factors.
  • Indicators of population health status cover health conditions, human function, wellbeing and deaths.

Keeping Victorians as well as they can be is important for individuals, families and the community. It is also crucial for a healthy, productive workforce and a strong economy.

Your health: Report of the Chief Health Officer, Victoria, 2016 provides an overview of the health and wellbeing of Victorians, as well as the determinants of health in Victoria. It identifies the health issues facing Victorians, and is a starting point in considering policy and government investments for improving people's health. It provides a strong basis for a concerted effort to reduce health inequalities and improve the health status of Victorians by tackling the enormous burden of, and the steady increase in, preventable diseases.

This report is the sixth report by Victoria's Chief Health Officer and covers the two-year period to June 2016.

The report is spilt into two parts. Part 1 gives an overview of Victoria's health, drawing on the particular challenges that health inequalities pose within our community. The 2014 report was the first to include a focus chapter and this report builds on this concept with a focus chapter reflecting key components of health inequalities and how they affect Victorians.

Part 2 uses the National Health Performance Framework to address selected health indicators. The indicators selected are based on readily available data that have been measured over time. Since the data is collated from a variety of sources, reporting periods differ for the various indicators.

Determinants of health

The determinants of health impact health outcomes at an individual and population level. This report begins by first considering upstream factors that contribute to health outcomes such as the environment and social factors before narrowing down to reflect on health behaviours and constitutional factors.

Health status

This report details the overall wellbeing of Victorians, the prevalence of health conditions (grouped into non-communicable diseases, communicable diseases and oral health) and mortality data as indicators for health.

Health system interventions

Finally, the report reflects on a series of chapters that consider health service utilisation. Immunisation, screening and biomedical checks are all reported on.

This report meets the requirements of s. 21(c) of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008.

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