Registered nurses and midwives are authorised (under the regulations) to possess scheduled medicines for administration to specific patients under their care in accordance with the lawful instructions and authorisation of a registered health practitioner who is authorised to prescribe or supply the medicine.

Note: Nurses and midwives may also be authorised to assist a patient in the administration of scheduled medicines that have been lawfully supplied to that patient (e.g. on prescription) in the same manner as another agent or carer who is not a nurse or midwife.

Approved by the Secretary - additional authorisation for some nurses and midwives

The department's Secretary has also approved the possession and administration of specific medicines, by suitably trained nurses and midwives, in specified circumstances or in accordance with the conditions of a Health Services Permit of an employer.

Nurse practitioners and other registration endorsements

Nurses and midwives, whose registration is endorsed under Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (s. 94 or s. 95), may be authorised (under the Act) to possess, supply, administer (and possibly prescribe) scheduled medicines in the lawful practice of their profession. Lists of medicines have been approved by the Minister for Health in relation to different categories and scopes of practice of nurses and midwives.

Details of nurse registration endorsements can be obtained from the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.