• Great news! Best Practice, Medical Director, Genie and ZedMed are now integrated with SafeScript!

    Click here for steps on how to integrate SafeScript with your clinical software. Take advantage of the new features in your clinical software and save time. Integrating SafeScript into clinical practice now will help you prepare for mandatory use of the system from April 2020. 

    When you are prescribing a monitored medicine in Best Practice, Medical Director, Genie or Zedmed, you will receive a pop-up notification on your desktop within seconds, colour-coded in either green, amber or red, to notify you when there is information in SafeScript which requires your attention. A click on the notification will take you directly to the patient's record rather than needing to go to the SafeScript website to search patient records.

    SafeScript has received overwhelming support from clinicians. Thank you for helping us prevent avoidable harm from high-risk prescription medicines in Victoria!

  • SafeScript public awareness campaign has launched in Western Victoria

    Broadcasting across free-to-air and catch-up TV, radio and social media in Western Victoria, the public awareness campaign aims to improve consumer understanding of risks associated with some prescription medicines. 

    The campaign also draws attention to the scale of prescription medicine dependence, which can happen to anyone. It highlights action that the Victorian Government is taking to reduce the growing harms, including deaths, from high-risk prescription medicines by implementing SafeScript. 

    Posters and brochures are available to inform patients about SafeScript and the potential harms of high-risk medicines. These resources remind patients to speak to their doctor or pharmacist if they are concerned about their use of high-risk medicines and will be supplied to medical clinics and pharmacies, initially in Western Victoria. 

    You can also download the brochures from the patients and families page

  • SafeScript registration and training is now available - Western Victorian clinicians

    Registration for SafeScript is now open with a focus on the Western Victoria Primary Health Network area.

    Prescribers and pharmacists in Western Victoria Primary Health Network area have been emailed a link and instructions on how to register for SafeScript.

    Online SafeScript training, attracting CPD points, is also now available. Training will cover safe supply of high-risk medicines, using respectful communication to discuss medicine dependence, and how to use SafeScript.

    SafeScript will go live for clinicians in Western Victoria Primary Health Network catchment area from October 2018.

  • Why is it important to connect to a Prescription Exchange Service (PES)?

    SafeScript will automatically obtain prescription records from Prescription Exchange Services (PES) through an electronic transfer when a prescription is issued or dispensed by a medical clinic or pharmacy. No direct data entry will be required by clinicians.

    For more information about electronic transfer of prescriptions, visit the RACGP eTP page.

    Most community pharmacies and medical clinics (approximately 90 per cent) use software that is already connected to a PES. While it will be possible for clinicians to access SafeScript by logging into a web portal, using software that is connected to a PES will offer a superior and more efficient user experience.

    Clinicians using software that is connected to a PES will receive pop-up notifications on their desktop when a medicine in-scope for monitoring has been prescribed or dispensed. This pop-up will inform clinicians whether the patient has a prescription history in SafeScript and if there are potentially high risk circumstances. Clicking on the notification will take a clinician directly to the relevant record in SafeScript.

    Don’t know if your clinic or pharmacy is connected to a PES? Contact your software vendor.

    Connecting to a PES is free of charge.

  • Changes for pharmacists providing pharmacotherapy services

    The Policy for maintenance pharmacotherapy for opioid dependence has changed. As of 2 July 2018, pharmacists providing pharmacotherapy services are required to record prescriptions for Opioid Replacement Therapy in their dispensing software.

    As almost 70 per cent of pharmacies in Victoria are already capturing Opioid Replacement Therapy prescriptions in dispensing software, this change should have a minimal impact on work practices.

    For more information, read the updated Policy for maintenance pharmacotherapy for opioid dependence.