Broadcasting across free-to-air and catch-up TV, radio and social media in Western Victoria, the public awareness campaign aims to improve consumer understanding of risks associated with some prescription medicines.

The campaign also draws attention to the scale of prescription medicine dependence, which can happen to anyone. It highlights action that the Victorian Government is taking to reduce the growing harms, including deaths, from high-risk prescription medicines by implementing SafeScript.

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    Prescription medicines are essential.

    They can provide relief after surgery.

    They can treat back pain.

    As well as anxiety and sleep disorders.

    But some are dangerously addictive.

    Prescription medicines kill more Victorians than the road toll.

    That's why the Victorian Government is introducing SafeScript.

    A new system to help you stay on the safe side.

    To find out more, search SafeScript.

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    Authorised by the Victorian Government, Melbourne.