The Department of Health and Human Services Cold Weather Alert System provides lead agencies and partners in homelessness an early notification of forecast cold weather conditions that may negatively affect the health, safety and wellbeing of people sleeping rough in the community. The system comprises:

  • cold weather thresholds
  • cold weather alerts issued by email to subscribers to the system
  • a current Cold Weather Alert Status table.

The system helps homelessness providers to prepare and respond appropriately.

Current Cold Weather Alert Status table

Cold weather thresholds

For Winter 2018 a cold weather alert may be issued when cold weather thresholds are reached.

The lead criterion for the threshold is the forecast minimum temperature. An alert may be issued when the temperature is at or above the threshold, regardless of the rainfall or wind speed.

Cold weather alerts

The Health and Human Services Commander may issue a cold weather alert by email to system subscribers when the Bureau of Meteorology forecasts cold weather conditions near, at or above cold weather thresholds for a monitoring station in a particular forecast district. Cold weather alerts are likely to be issued 3-4 days in advance.

Cold Weather Alert Status

The Department of Health and Human Services is monitoring weather forecasts in Victoria from June to August 2018 and maintains a Cold Weather Alert Status table, which shows whether a cold weather alert has been issued by the department for a particular weather forecast district on a particular day.

Some districts have one monitoring station for a large geographical area, so it is important to monitor local weather conditions on the Bureau of Meteorology website.