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Immunisation newsletter – August 2020

  • What is the recommended interval between 13vPCV and 23vPPV doses? – NCIRS Pneumococcal vaccine FAQs
  • Free meningococcal B (Bexsero®) vaccine for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander infants and children
  • Vaccinations during pregnancy protect expectant mothers and their babies – an NCIRS fact sheet
  • Tips and tricks NCIRS resource – Enhancing data quality of vaccination encounters recorded in practice software and on the AIR
  • Free vaccines for people with functional or anatomical asplenia
  • Vaccination in children with epilepsy or previous vaccine-proximate seizures – an MVEC resource
  • Zostavax vaccine safety advisory – not to be used in people with compromised immune function
  • Links to further information

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COVID-19 and vaccination

Continue vaccinating and encouraging vaccination and follow the advice provided about adapting service delivery.

Review the Infection Prevention and Control guideline to prevent COVID-19 transmission.

Listen to the Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre podcast series COVID19 Road to a vaccine.

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