Nurse immunisers are Registered Nurses who are approved to administer specified vaccines and can manage adverse reactions where there may not be a medical practitioner present. They can provide this service to approved client groups in circumstances such as nurse-led immunisation services in:

  • local councils
  • general practice
  • hospitals
  • community health
  • occupational health services.

Nurse immunisers are approved under regulation 8(1) and regulation 161 of the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Regulations 2017.

The Secretary approval applies to a Registered Nurse who has completed a program of study. The nurse must meet the Secretary approval criteria to practice.

The Secretary approval does not apply to Registered Nurses who have not completed a program of study, but who may administer vaccines supplied under an individual prescription, or under the direction (for example, drug order) and supervision of a medical practitioner.

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