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  • Resources for early childhood services to meet their obligations under the No Jab, No Play law.

Immunisation enrolment toolkit

The toolkit has been designed to assist early childhood education and care services with their legal responsibilities and immunisation record management under the 'No Jab, No Play' legislation in Victoria.

Immunisation enrolment toolkit

Tools and templates

Immunisation and enrolment decision aid: this hyperlinked flowchart outlines the steps required to make decisions in relation to immunisation status and enrolment.

Key dates calculator: this Excel tool allows the user to enter relevant dates pertaining to immunisation and enrolment to determine compliance with Victorian requirements.

Parent enrolment letter template: Services can use this letter as a basis for correspondence with parents seeking to finalise enrolment. Copy, download or adapt this letter to suit your service.

Grace period eligibility assessment form: Use this assessment form to determine if a child who is not fully vaccinated can enrol and attend the service while the family seeks to obtain the required immunisation documents. This form is for use by the service, in conversation with the parent. This is not a form for parents to complete on their own.

Key dates work form for immunisation and enrolment: This form can assist your service to quickly and easily assess if a child’s vaccinations are up to date for their age in compliance with the definition in the legislation.


Order free hard copies of these resources:

Vaccination records reminder card: This card can be used to prompt parents to provide updated information regarding the immunisation status of an enrolled child. The card provides parents with information on how to obtain updated documentation and other useful resources available, for example, the ‘VaxOnTime’ app (see below).

VaxOnTime Victoria app promotional card: An estimated 20 per cent of parents simply forget to vaccinate their children on time. The VaxOnTime app can support parents by reminding them when vaccinations are due, assisting them to locate and book appointments with immunisation providers and access quality-assured information about vaccines on the Better Health Channel.

Parent brochure: Starting childcare or kindergarten? Immunisation information for parents enrolling a child: The parent brochure has been developed to assist parents/carers understand their responsibilities regarding child care enrolment in early childhood education and care services.  

Poster: Minimum Period of Exclusion from Primary Schools and Children’s Services Centres for Infectious Diseases Cases and Contacts: This poster lists all infectious diseases which require children to stay away from your service and for how long. This can be a handy reference for your service when communicating with parents of sick children. Note, additional copies can be requested by telephoning Communicable Disease Prevention and Control on 1300 651 160.

Poster:  Are your child’s immunisations up to date?: This poster communicates the requirements of the No Jab No Play law and provides information in six community languages.

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