Unacceptable documentation includes the following.

Overseas immunisation records

Overseas immunisation records must not be accepted.

Children who were vaccinated overseas must attend a general practitioner (GP) or immunisation nurse to have their overseas immunisation record assessed.They will be offered immunisation as required. The GP or nurse must record vaccinations given overseas, and any vaccines they administer, with the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR).

Once the immunisation record is updated on the AIR (this can take about five days), the parent may ask the GP or nurse to print an Immunisation History Statement from the AIR, or ask the AIR to post an Immunisation History Statement to them so they can provide it to the service to finalise enrolment.

Unless the child is eligible for the grace period evedience of up-to-date immunisation must be provided within the two months prior to each child commencing at your service. It is important to note that refugees and asylum seekers are eligible for the grace period. See the 'From overseas' scenario for more information on how to respond in this situation.

Other unacceptable documentation

Other unacceptable documentation for enrolment includes:

  • a letter from a doctor or council
  • a document indicating 'homeopathic immunisation'
  • a statutory declaration from parents.

The only acceptable evidence of immunisation for enrolment is an Immunisation History Statement from the AIR.