Under the No Jab No Play law, early childhood education and childcare services have certain obligations.

You can also play a role in supporting parents to comply with the law.

Request, assess and retain documentation

You need to ask parents/carers to provide an Immunisation History Statement from the Australian Immunisation Register.

You then need to assess the statement to determine if the child’s vaccination status complies with requirements.

The child cannot attend the service until acceptable documentation is provided, unless they qualify for the grace period.

Once a child is enrolled, two times a year, you should ask parents/carers to provide a current Immunisation History Statement for attending children that shows the child is up to date with immunisations.

The request should specify that parents/carers only need to provide a new statement if/when a child has received or been due to receive a vaccine/s while attending the service. Dowload an example of a request for immunisation evidence.

The request should be timed so that parents/carers can meet their obligation of providing this information at intervals of no greater than seven months. For guidance on timing of requests, download the Scenarios for timing immunisation evidence requests document.

Support parents/carers to comply

Early childhood education and care services can play a crucial support role for parents/carers by: