If the parent/carer tells you that their child was vaccinated overseas and they do not have an Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) Immunisation History Statement, or the family is not eligible for Medicare:

To enrol

Do not enrol this child until the acceptable AIR Immunisation History Statement is provided, unless the child is eligible for the grace period (see below).

Give the parent/carer information to help them locate an immunisation provider.

Tell the parent/carer to take their child to a general practitioner (GP) or immunisation nurse, and request that the child’s immunisation history is reviewed for compliance with the Australian immunisation schedule.

The GP or nurse will: 

  • advise the AIR of the child’s immunisation history
  • administer any required vaccines and/or 
  • develop a vaccine catch-up schedule.

The parent/carer can ask their GP or nurse if they can print an Immunisation History Statement from the AIR for the parent/carer to give to your service. Note that not all immunisation providers are able to do this.

Alternatively, give the parent/carer contact details for the AIR.

Once the parent has confirmed that vaccination details have been conveyed to the AIR by the immunisation provider, parents/carers should request an updated Immunisation History Statement from AIR.

The parent will need to provide the AIR Immunisation History Statement to your service.

If the family is not eligible for Medicare 

The parent/carer can get overseas immunisations added to the AIR.

They need to take a translated copy of their child’s overseas immunisation history to their GP or immunisation nurse. 

The GP or nurse will check the vaccines the child has had, and tell the parent/carer if any additional ones are required. They will update the AIR with immunisations given overseas as well as any new ones.

When the child's immunisations are registered on the AIR (this can take about five days), the parent/carer can ask their GP or nurse if they can print an Immunisation History Statement from the AIR for the parent/carer to give to your service.

Alternatively, the parent/carer can call the AIR on 1800 653 809 to check if the child’s immunisations have been recorded and request a statement to be posted to the family. It can take up to 14 days to arrive by post.

Relevant resources

Some GPs may benefit from the family providing or directing the GP to No Jab No Play information for immunisation providers.

See the Documentation for enrolment section.

See the Helping parents obtain documentation page.

Use the Immunisation and enrolment decision aid flow chart, see Downloads.

Download the Starting childcare or kindergarten brochure. This is also available in different languages on the Health Translations website

To find an immunisation provider:

  • visit the Better Health Channel service and support page, scroll down to 'find a health service', select 'immunisation' and enter your postcode.
  • see the contacts section to contact local council immunisation services in Victoria. 

A translating and interpreting service is available by calling 131 450, Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 4.45 pm.

If the family is experiencing vulnerability or disadvantage

Consult the parent to find out if they qualify for the 16-week grace period. If so, the child can commence at your service while your service takes reasonable steps to obtain the AIR statement from the parent/carer. Refugees and asylum seekers are eligible for the grace period.

You should provide the parent/carer with information on how to obtain an AIR statement and/or necessary vaccinations.

Relevant resources

Download the Grace period eligibility assessment form, see Downloads. 

See the grace period page.