The Victorian Population Health Survey has been conducted each year since 2001 and previously was based on a sample of 7500 adults aged 18 years and over, randomly selected from households from each of the eight Department of Health regions in the state. In 2008, computer-assisted telephone interviewing was undertaken between August and December, and the sample was expanded to approximately 34,000 and taken at the local government area level. Please refer to the Methods section of the report for a more detailed description of the methods.

Information in the report is presented on health and lifestyle, including physical activity levels, smoking prevalence, alcohol consumption, intake of fruit and vegetables, selected health and screening checks, body weight, asthma and diabetes prevalence, psychological distress and social networks.

Results from Victorian Population Health Survey 2008 are also available through an interactive web application called Victorian Health Information Surveillance System (VHISS). You can select from a range of options to produce tailored tables.

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