Key messages

  • Local food system change is vital to providing access to healthy food and reducing unhealthy options.
  • Healthy Food Connect is a model for local food system change.
  • Healthy Food Connect can help communities create healthy changes to local food systems.

Promoting healthy food access and reducing access to unhealthy options is an essential part of helping people in the community make healthy food choices. This means influencing local food system change to facilitate and increase the availability of healthier food within our local communities.

Healthy Food Connect

Healthy Food Connect has been developed as a model to help communities make positive changes to their local food system. The model provides information and guidance on how to effectively influence, activate and create local food system change.

Diagram shows steps to influence, activate and create local food system change.

Healthy Food Connect aims to:

  • create supportive environments to make healthy food choices the easy choices
  • improve access to a healthy food supply across all community groups and organisations, including vulnerable population groups
  • influence policy and develop programs to strengthen community action.

Initiatives under the Healthy Food Connect Framework should consider ways to increase healthy food access (and decrease unhealthy food access) and have a priority focus on fruit and vegetables.


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