Key messages

  • A source security plan or transport security plan must be endorsed by an approved assessor.
  • A security compliance certificate can only be issued by an  "approved assessor" who has been approved by the department to complete this function.

The Radiation Act 2005 (the Act) requires licence holders to comply with conditions of licence and must not knowingly or negligently fail to comply with any condition of their licence.

A condition placed on management licence holders who possess high consequence sealed sources states that they must have approved security plans. A management licence holder who transports a high consequence sealed source must also have an approved transport security plan.

Security plans are assessed and approved by an approved assessor. If the security plan is approved, a certificate of compliance will be issued by the assessor.

An approved assessor is a person authorised by the department to issue certificates of compliance for security plans and transport security plans in relation to high consequence sealed sources. The person must hold an "Assessors Approval" issued under the Radiation Act 2005.

Management licensees who possess or transport high consequence sealed sources need to contact an approved assessor and arrange for their security plans to be assessed. The department maintains a list of the approved assessors who are available to approve security plans on a fee-for-service basis.

Requirements for approved assessors 

An approved assessor  must assess a security plan or a transport security plan against the applicable standards published in the Victoria Government Gazzette and available on the department's website, and if  satisfied the security plan meets the standard, must issue a  compliance certificate  to the management licence holder.

See mandatory requirements for approved assessors.

Approved assessors

The department maintains a list of the approved assessors who are available to approve source security plans and/or transport security plans on a fee for service basis.

View a list of Search for approved security assessors.