Key messages

  • This page lists a selection of important forms used when applying to, or notifying the department of a range of matters.
  • If you are unfamiliar with any of these forms it is strongly recommended that you first visit the appropriate sections for more information.

All of the Department's forms for applications and most of the mandatory notifications are on-line forms. The form is completed online and automatically emailed to the Department upon submission. Please remember to check what mandatory documents must be included with your application.

Read information about processing times and fees. Once your application has been assessed you will be sent an invoice to pay the appropriate prescribed fee. There are many payment options - visit the Payments section for more details.

The ACN field on the forms is mandatory. For legal entities without an ACN (this is a small number of entities such as hospitals and government departments), please select individual on the form rather than company and include a comment in the ‘Additional information box’ that states that the application is for an entity and not a natural person.

Radiation management licences 

Application for a new management licence

You need a management licence prior to conducting any radiation practice. A radiation practice is any activity that involves but not limited to:

  • Possession or disposal of a radiation source
  • Transport of radioactive material
  • Sale of radiation sources
  • Repairing, testing, or maintaining radiation sources
  • Mining or processing radioactive material.

A management licence must be held by an individual or a company before they conduct the radiation practice (for example, before they take possession of the radiation source). Failure to hold the required management licence is a serious offence against the Radiation Act 2005.

Management licences - variations

Application to vary or transfer a management licence

You must apply to vary your existing management licence if you intend to change the scope of your practice, such as the number or types of radiation sources involved. The application must be approved by the Department before the proposed changes occur. For example, a radiology practice may wish to:

  • Expand by setting up a radiology practice with X-ray units at a new location
  • Acquire a different type of radiation source (e.g. a CT scanner) at an existing authorised location
  • Acquire an additional X-ray unit of the same type as they already are authorised to possess at an existing authorised location
  • Move from their current authorised location to another location.

It is an offence against the Radiation Act for a management licence holder to take possession of a new radiation source before that activity has been authorised in their licence.

Management licences – Notification of acquisition, disposal or relocation

Notification of acquisition, disposal or relocation of a radiation source

Disposal application form - Management Licence holder who is authorised to possess a sealed source or a sealed source apparatus

Disposal application form - Management Licence holder who is authorised as a source disposal facilitator

Disposal application form - Management Licence holder who is transferring ownership of a sealed source or sealed source apparatus

Disposal application form - Management Licence holder who is relocating a Security Category 1 2 or 3 sealed source or a Security Category 1 2 or 3 sealed source apparatus interstate

Radiation use licences 

Application for a new use licence or to vary an existing use licence

Use licences authorise the holder to use specified types of radiation sources for a specified purpose.

Licences are issued for one, two or three years. There are prescribed fees for licences, which consist of an application fee and a licence fee.

From time to time, a use licence holder may wish to make changes to their licence to vary the scope including:

  • the types of radiation sources they can use
  • the way in which they wish to use the sources.

In these cases, the use licence holder must apply to the department for a variation to the use licence. The application form varies depending on the sector and nature of the radiation practice involved that must be lodged with the department.

Most applications are assessed by the department and a decision made on issue of a licence within approximately 2 weeks of lodgement.

The licence must be varied by the department before the proposed changes to the radiation practice take effect. This means that, for example:

  • it is an offence against the Radiation Act 2005 for a use licence holder to use a radiation source that is not authorised by their licence
  • it is an offence to use radiation in a manner that is not authorised by their licence.

The following document provides specific advice for radiographers in completing the application and notification forms.

Tips for completing the use licence application form


Fee refund policy - Radiation Act 2005

Application for a refund of a radiation licensing fee

Incident report form

Radiation incident report form

Approved testers 

Application for an approved tester authority

Use this form if you wish to obtain a licence to conduct compliance tests of prescribed medical X-ray equipment. Only an approved tester is authorised to issue certificates of compliance for prescribed medical X-ray equipment.

The prescribed equipment types are: Plain film X-ray equipment, fluoroscopic X-ray equipment, computed tomography scanners, and mammography X-ray equipment.

Research projects

Notification of a research project where the dose constraints will be exceeded

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