Frequently Asked Questions about the new licensing portal for use licences

The department's licensing database requires applicants to apply for their radiation licence using the new self-serve licencing portal. 

Before you apply for a use licence, it is important that you read the FAQ's about the new licensing portal to assist you with lodging an application. 

The FAQ’s address issues we have experienced since the launch of the new licensing portal. The department is continually updating the new system to fix these issues. 

To apply for a use licence, approved testers, approved assessors

Step 1: For use licence applications, confirm whether you need a use licence or are exempt from the requirement to hold a use licence.

Step 2: If you are required to hold a use licence, read the prerequisite requirements for licensing for your sector.

Step 3: Apply for your licence using the licensing portal. The licensing portal will ask you to select your occupation and then choose the radiation sources that you would like to be authorised to use. You will then be asked to upload the required prerequisites and pay the prescribed fee with either credit card (preferred) or by BPay.

If you need assistance to register please email

Renewal of an existing licence

Before the expiry of your current use licence, you will be sent an email inviting you to register with the licensing portal to renew your licence.Once registered on the licensing portal, your licence details will be matched to your account and then you will be able to renew your use licence.  

If you do not see your use licence, do not apply for a new use licence. If you do you will be charged an unnecessary application fee. Please email for assistance.

Register to renew your licence.

Launched in October 2019

In October 2019, the department launched a new licensing database to manage licensing and registration functions. Starting with use licence holders, approved testers and approved assessors, the new system requires applicants to register with the new self-service portal.

Existing use licence holders, approved testers and approved assessors also need to register. Over the coming months we will send licence holders an email with the link to the new licensing portal to register. 

Once registered, the system will verify your details and you will then be able to:

  • Download a copy of your licence
  • Apply for variations to an existing licence or approval
  • Make credit card payments
  • Update your contact details
  • Surrender a licence.

If you currently receive hard copy correspondence from us, then we do not have a verified email address. Please email, if that is the case, as it will help you make the transition to the new system. 

We will no longer accept cheques or cash for payment of licensing fees, but credit cards and B-Pay will remain as options.

What about management licences?

We are still working on this part of the system and we expect to launch it in early 2020. Until then continue to apply for a management licence by following the links to our existing smart forms or word documents on our website. 

Once the system is operational, management licence holders and their authorised persons will be able to register and do all the things described as above, as well as being able to:

  • Apply for authorisation to dispose of radioactive material
  • Make mandatory notifications e.g. acquisition or disposal of a radiation source; research projects; incident reports etc
  • Apply to transfer a licence.

Over the past few years we have requested corporate management licence holders to nominate individuals as their authorised person. The authorised person can then act on behalf of the body corporate in their dealings with the department. A feature of the new system will be the ability of that authorised person to add another authorised person. This is important in a corporate context to cater for situations where staff change roles or leave the organisation.

What about facility management licences?

We're still working on this licence type so until we launch it in the new licensing self-service portal, you will need to apply using the form on our website. 

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