Key messages

  • Read and understand the conditions of your licence.
  • Read and understand the requirements in the relevant code of practice. Compliance with the code is a condition of licence.
  • Advise the department if your contact details change.
  • Renew your licence before it expires.

Understand the conditions of your licence

Once you have been sent a new management licence take the time to carefully read and understand the conditions of licence. Section 15 of the Radiation Act 2005 (the Act) makes it an offence for a management licence holder to knowingly, recklessly or negligently fail to comply with any condition of their licence.

This includes the general conditions of licence relating to the reporting of radiation incidents and the acquisition and disposal of radiation sources.

Your licence authorises you to conduct a specified type of radiation practice - if the licence does not authorise you to conduct a particular type of radiation practice then you are not permitted to conduct that practice. For example, you can only conduct practices at the sites listed on your licence. Similarly, you can only possess the items authorised to be possessed by your licence.

It is also important that you are aware of who needs to use radiation sources relating to your management licence.

Carefully read and understand the relevant Codes of Practice

Your licence may refer to a requirement to comply with a particular code/s. You need to carefully read and understand these codes as they contain quite detailed requirements. Compliance with the relevant code/s is a condition of licence and you must be familiar with the code's requirements.

Where there are no applicable codes of practice, management licence holders must meet the safety requirements in the document Mandatory radiation safety requirements - Management licence holder's obligations. published by the department.

Change of contact details

The department will generally only deal with the contact person that you nominated in your application in relation to licensing matters.

You have an obligation to advise the department in writing by email if any of your contact details change. If you do not notify the department then you may not receive an invitation to renew your licence or other important information, for example variations made to your licence by the department such as compliance with new safety standards.

Renew your licence before it expires

Apply to renew your licence a least five working days before the licence expires.

If your licence expires then you are no longer a current management licence holder and you will be committing an offence if you continue to conduct a radiation practice.

The Act permits you to apply to renew your licence within 60 days from the expiry date but you are still not permitted to conduct the radiation practice during this period and the department may take enforcement action against you. You are unable to renew a management licence after this 60 day period and you will have to re-apply for a management licence.


From time to time you may be contacted by an Authorised Officer of the department to advise you that s/he will be conducting an inspection. You may be given an opportunity to nominate a convenient time and to understand the purpose of the inspection. Sometimes the inspection will be unannounced but this is less common.

From time to time you may receive requests for information - these may be in the form of self-audits. You will be subsequently contacted by an authorised officer if the department needs a self-audit or further information from you.

Variation to existing licence

Over time you may wish to extend the scope of your management licence, where this occurs you will need to apply for a variation to your existing management licence.

There are no fees associated with applying for a variation to an existing licence.

Transfer of licence

It is important that you contact us before you sell or transfer your practice so we can assist you with amending your management licence.

If you have any questions, email the Registration and Licensing team.