Key messages

  • Smoke-free zones on public transport have been extended to cover all areas of train stations and raised-platform tram stops.
  • Smoking is also prohibited in bus and tram shelters and on all trains, trams and buses.
  • For more information please visit the Public Transport Victoria website.

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of train stations, raised-platform tram stops and bus shelters across Victoria’s public transport network.

Under the ban, a fine of $212 for adults and $72 for children may be levied for smoking in any of the following areas:

  • all areas of train stations
  • tram shelters and raised-platform tram stops
  • bus shelters
  • on trains, trams and buses.

More information about smoking bans on public transport is available from the Public Transport Victoria website.

Contact details

Contact details

  • Tobacco Information Line

    Department of Health & Human Services

    For information about tobacco control in Victoria

    • Telephone Number:1300 136 775